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Corporate Plan Promotion

If you’re here to make high commissions, our Be Health corporate plans are the way to go. If you have corporate contacts, or are ambitious and want to contact corporates to make sales, you can earn your 25% commission on group plans. Download our Be Happy promotional material by selecting the button below.


View our Corporate Inquiry Form for reference on questions to ask corporates.

Please note that Corporate Plans do not track automatically using your links. Please refer to “Corp Onboarding” above for detailed instructions on how to receive a quote and register a corporate client.

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Promotional Updates

50% Off Plans

As a launch promo, we're offering 50% off to our first 1000 subscribers. Prices are already reflected on the website and no code or coupon is necessary. Use this in your content or conversation to help promote plans.

Monthly Payment

We are now offering a monthly payment option through Payme India. This is a Buy Now Pay Later Option branded as Salt by Payme. Instead of paying yearly, customers can now pay monthly. This is not available for corporate sales.

Corporate options

Corporate clients now have the option to select the benefits they would like to include in their plan. This is a great selling point for those who may be interested in only certain plan benefits. You can find a full list of benefits below.

In-home Checkups

We are now offering in-home checkups to non-subscribers at full price. This is wonderful as if a customer is only looking for one checkup and not a subscription plan you are still able to make a sale. Create a special link to this page in your Affiliate Dashboard.

Tracking Your Sales

We use an advanced tracking system to track your sales. If you don’t use your Special Links to direct customers to make sales, you will not receive credit for the sale. To do this, follow the directions below. This is not the case with corporate sales. If you have a corporate lead, approach your Affiliate Lead for a quote and refer to them to onboard the client. Corporate commissions are added manually by your Affiliate Lead, not using your Special Links. You will still be able to view corporate commissions in your Affiliate Account.

Using your special link

Visit your Affiliate Dashboard and select the option “Affiliate Links”. From there you will be able to copy your custom link, or create a custom link using the URL of any page of the website. See below.

Using Affiliate Links

Using Ad Creatives

Visit your Affiliate Dashboard and select the option “Creatives. There you will be able to copy and share and creative shown. Each creative used will automatically track with no extra steps necessary on your part. See below.

Using Ad Creatives

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid?

When you registered, you were asked to enter your bank routing and account numbers. If you did not, you can do so by visiting your Affiliate Dashboard “Settings”. Once you reach above INR 2000 (USD$25) you will be able to request a payout from your Affiliate Dashboard. Payment will be sent to your specified bank account within 5 business days. If you haven’t entered your account details, we will not be able to process payment and will contact you to obtain necessary details.

How do I promote plans?

Our affiliate program is an independent program, meaning you are responsible for your own marketing and sales. You can use your social media, email, cold calling, or any method you find useful. You may create your own visual content to use your “affiliate link” with. However, we do provide ad creatives (visit “Creatives” in your affiliate dashboard) and promotional material that you may use. Your affiliate lead is always available to give advice, provide new material, and answer questions.

How can I learn about the plans and services I'm promoting?

Our website is extremely informative. We advise that the first thing you do is take some time to go over our website. You can find full plan details here. Find full Be Happy corporate plan details here. Learn about benefits and services included in our plans here. Your affiliate lead is always available to answer any questions you may have about our plans and benefits, but we do ask that you do your research using what is already available to you.

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We're giving 50% off to our first 1000 customers

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